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Arinda Scholtz

CELL: 084 8300 702

Tertia Human

CELL: 061 782 1945

One Life Health Supermarket

One Life Health Supermarket is the biggest Health Shop in Pretoria.

A wide variety of health foods, natural supplements, homeopathic remedies, natural cleaning products, body care products, and much more is available.

Pain, Stress & Wellness Clinic

Elim Vitamin and Meridian Scan, Multi Radiance Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish / Holistic Massage, Acupressure, Brain Profiling, Manual Lymph Drainage, Nutrition, Aromatherapy and Counselling

Green Pharm Products

Rife Practitioner, Kinesiology, Bio-resonance Feedback, Educ-tor Practitioner

Natural Health Centre Groenkloof

Analysis: Biofeedback, Live Blood Analysis, Sclerology and Iridology

Treatment: Enhanced Sound Therapy, Bioradiation Therapy, Frequency Treatment

Specialty Treatments: Effective Sinus Therapy, Herbal Medicine, Restoring Digestive System, Restoring Kidney Health, Professional Detoxing and Ozone Therapy, Natural Supplementation and Weight Loss, Wound Healing

Functional Nutrition

Consultations, 10 day meal and snack packs, nutritional genomics practitioner, phase 2 metabolic detox

Discovery Vitality


Herbal support, Lifestyle coaching, Personalized nutrition, Orthromolecular medicine, 3D Screening, Quantum analizer, Ionic Detox, Rife Therapy 

Chuck your Junk

Registered Therapeutic Reflexologist
I help people by showing them simple tools, so they can cope better with day-to-day stress. Experience stress techniques that make you - A Better YOU!

Women on the Move

Women on the Move, is an up and coming business organisation for women and young entrepreneurs in South Africa.

Our Business Platform is all about women standing together and helping each other grow through collaboration, support

and encouragement, as well as creating positive impacts’ in each other’s businesses.

4 a Better You

Personal Wellness Coach

In this fast-paced world, we do not always cope well.

Start your journey to feeling energetic again.

Enhance your nutrition to balance and normalize your body’s systems.

Adaptogens - Advancing health, well being and stress management.

Contact Anna-Marie for more information

Ethnomedicine Practitioner

Iridology is the analysis of the fibers, structures and colours found in the iris. This shows an individuals constitution and where they have weaker areas or poor function that need to be supported. This can be done with dietary changes, herbs and other natural interventions.

Sclerology is the analysis of the lines, colours and gels found in the white of the eye. These indicators shows areas of stress and malfunction in the different body organs.Together with Iridology, it gives a complete picture of the state of health of the entire body.


Live blood analysis is the analysis of the living blood under the microscope to determine whether the internal terrain of the body is healthy. A poor internal environment will lead to degeneration and illness, but it can be improved with dietary, herbal and supplement interventions to improve vitality and health.

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